“You are enough. Push yourself to be a better you…not because you are insufficient,

but because you deserve to be the very best that you can be!” ~LoLo~


The Infinity Coaching Group (ICG) is dedicated to supporting you in achieving your goals.  While we have a consulting arm, as your coach, we sit in the passenger seat prepared to embark your ride of transformation.  Our coaching philosophy is that YOU are naturally creative, resourceful, and whole

Founder and Principal Coach, Marlo Thomas Watson has dedicated her life to supporting individuals in being their best person; professionally and personally. As an individual who has encountered substantial personal and professional hardship, Marlo is very intimate with the difference and positive impact that support has in repositioning, rebuilding, rebranding, and recreating an individual and the life they desire.

Supporting individuals from a position of strength and empowerment, Marlo has seen her clients transform from powerless to powerful.  As a Coach and Consultant, Marlo is known for giving “loving truth” to support individuals, teams, and organizations in achieving a better reality. The Infinity Coaching Group’s philosophy “possibilities are infinite” is more than a slogan; it is the foundational mindset and the governing premise for how we do business.

Steve Watson, Director of Programs, oversees our Junior Division.  Steve began his career supporting young adults as a Supervising Counselor in Hardwick, Vermont. His ability to penetrate the hearts and minds of the toughest youth has supported a many of young males in transforming their lives.

Steve’s approach is non-traditional, yet his methods have yielded tremendous results. Steve was raised by a single mother, whom he credits for saving his life.  Growing up as a rambunctious young male on the urban north-side of Chattanooga, Steve found himself at-risk of many opportunities for trouble. Because his mother ran a tight ship, Steve escaped many tumultuous situations which would have changed the trajectory of his life.  He uses the same tough love that he received from his mother to support his clients.  He leads the team of professionals in the Junior Division to see each client as much more than their current reality.  In this division, we provide the following services:

  • mentoring,

  • coaching,

  • life skills,

  • job-shadowing,

  • and parent support

Our Journey

Contact us today if you are seeking support for yourself or organization. These are a few of the areas we specialize in: 

  • Developing and sharpening leadership skills

  • Developing managers and polishing management styles

  • Strengthening teams to get results

  • Breaking destructive habits

The Infinity Coaching Group uses a variety of instruments that allow us to effectively support you and your experience whether it is coaching, training, consulting, or meeting facilitation.  Our instruments vary and are based upon the client’s needs.  Considerations for the most appropriate instruments include information gathered and our understanding of the following:

  • the client interview,

  • the client request form details,

  • the client's identified support needs,

  • the client’s budget investment/allocation, and

  • the client’s desired outcome.


We use the information gathered to identify which instrument is most appropriate for the coaching relationship.

Learn more about our services here.

Our Tools


What Our Heroes Say

“Marlo is amazing and The Marlo Company services are superb.  She has this way of delivering difficult messages in a loving way. Our culture was toxic and everything that goes with it. Her expertise helped to change 30 years of toxicity. 

I would definitely recommend The Marlo Company.”

Randi Knight - Director 

Metropolitan Washington DC

Our Heroes

Below are some of the entities that we have been able to support in transforming their career, lives, organizations, and situations. Because they had the courage to invest (in themselves, their organizations, their teams) and embark upon a transformative journey, the grit to stick with it until the end, and the willingness to be vulnerable, they are ICG Heroes!


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Marlo Thomas Watson